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Recovery TKR Program
Dr. Loffredo has developed the recovery total knee replacement (TKR) program. This program uses the latest advancements in orthopedic surgical equipment combined with post operative tools to promote a fast, less painful, and prompt recovery. The program utilizes a systematic three phase approach to total knee replacement recovery. 

Phase I - Preoperative
Prehabilitation training program: Studies have shown patients benefit from participation in prehabilitation. Dr.            Loffredo has a 6 week prehabilitation training program that focuses on strengthening your upper body, core, and lower extremities. After surgery the muscles in your operative extremity will be weak for a period of time. Therefore, strengthening those muscles prior to surgery will allow you to function better immediately post operatively.

Phase II - Day of Surgery
ROSA robotic assisted total knee replacement surgery allows Dr. Loffredo the opportunity for a minimally invasive incision when possible and real time feedback on soft tissue balancing and alignment. This information allows the surgeon to accurately position the total knee components. 
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Minimally invasive incision for your total knee replacement. This is an incision typically 4-6 inches compared to the 8-12 inch traditional incision. The benefits of a minimally invasive incision are smaller incision and less damage to skin and surrounding tissue (muscle, tendon, and ligament) to help reduce post operative pain.   

Phase III - Post operative
Physical therapy will begin day of surgery. Patient's will be out of bed day of surgery. The majority of patients will be discharged home the day after surgery. Then a physical therapist will visit the home 2-3 times per week.  Most patients will rely heavily on the assistance of a walker for transferring from sitting to standing along with ambulation for the first week post operatively. It is important to have a social support network in place for the first post operative 1 week to aide in ADLs (activities of daily living).
ROMTech is stationary bicycle that is designed to facilitate range of motion exercise of the knee to promote a fast recovery. The unit is delivered to your home the day before surgery. A ROMTech associate provide instructions on how to use the bicycle upon delivery. The bicycle will remain in your home for 3 weeks post operatively. To learn more visit:

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